The Aliens

Rahna came back yesterday. I guess she


The Aliens

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene Five
Time & Place
Back patio of the coffee shop
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Evan is a new hire at the coffee shop. He knows that KJ and Jasper aren’t supposed

Monologue Text

Rahna came back yesterday. I guess she was on vacation? And she said you guys, um...she said that you can’t be back here. And she was really, um, mad. And I explained to her about, um...about what, um, happened while I was gone--but she was really pissed at me and she told the manager which was really stupid of her but she told him and he said that um: you guys, that um, you, can’t be here anymore. I mean, nobody’s supposed to be back here except for the staff. ...And I got really mad and I like argued with him and I was like: he’s not doing anything, but um they found um those liquor bottles I guess and apparently Jasper once um peed out here or something so they um… He’s coming back tomorrow and he’s gonna be checking all the… You can start coming inside if you want. I can make you free tea. I should probably go back inside in a minute.

Baker, Annie. The Aliens. Dramatists Play Service. 2010, pp. 60.