The American Plan

Start: After my mother died, my father m

Nick Lockridge

The American Plan

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Age Range
Act One, Scene 6
Time & Place
A fancy summer home in the Catskills, 1960
Time Period
Show Type

Monologue Context

Nick, a handsome young man. has been seeing Lili, the eccentric daughter of Eva, a

Monologue Text

Start: After my mother died, my father more-or-less lost control of things. Not badly-- it was more a kind of slip of attention. But, apparently, that’s all it took.

[... ...]

End: Those are the only reasons. (Beat.) Well. This has been a marvelous party, you’ve been a perfect hostess, and I’ve had a splendid time.

For full text, see:
Greenberg, Richard. The American Plan Dramatists Play Service, 1991.

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