Richard III

Bear with me; I am hungry for revenge,

Queen Margaret

Richard III

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Age Range
Act 4 Scene 4
Time & Place
England, fifteenth-century
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Queen Margaret is talking with Queen Elizabeth, the wife of murdered Edward IV.

Monologue Text

Bear with me; I am hungry for revenge,

And now I cloy me with beholding it.

Thy Edward he is dead, that stabb'd my Edward:

Thy other Edward dead, to quit my Edward;

Young York he is but boot, because both they

Match not the high perfection of my loss:

Thy Clarence he is dead that kill'd my Edward;

And the beholders of this tragic play,

The adulterate Hastings, Rivers, Vaughan, Grey,

Untimely smother'd in their dusky graves.

Richard yet lives, hell's black intelligencer,

Only reserved their factor, to buy souls

And send them thither: but at hand, at hand,

Ensues his piteous and unpitied end:

Earth gapes, hell burns, fiends roar, saints pray.

To have him suddenly convey'd away.

Cancel his bond of life, dear God, I prey,

That I may live to say, The dog is dead!

William Shakespeare Richard III Act 4 sc.4 ll.61-78

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