Twelfth Night

Lady, you have. Pray you, peruse that le


Twelfth Night

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Age Range
Act V, Scene 1
Time & Place
Olivia’s garden, Illyria, unspecified time
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Malvolio has been duped by Maria into thinking that the Lady Olivia is in love with

Monologue Text

Lady, you have. Pray you, peruse that letter. You must not now deny it is your hand: Write from it, if you can, in hand or phrase; Or say 'tis not your seal, nor your invention: You can say none of this: well, grant it then And tell me, in the modesty of honour, Why you have given me such clear lights of favour, Bade me come smiling and cross-garter'd to you, To put on yellow stockings and to frown Upon Sir Toby and the lighter people; And, acting this in an obedient hope, Why have you suffer'd me to be imprison'd, Kept in a dark house, visited by the priest, And made the most notorious geck and gull That e'er invention play'd on? tell me why.

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