Mrs. Warren

Sit down: I’m not ready to go back to wo

Vivie Warren

Mrs. Warren's Profession

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Age Range
Act 3
Time & Place
England, 1902
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Vivie is being courted by 2 men but she is not interested in either of them.

Monologue Text

Sit down: I’m not ready to go back to work yet. [Praed sits]. You both think I have an attack of nerves. Not a bit of it. But there are two subjects I want dropped, if you don’t mind. One of them [to Frank] is love’s young dream in any shape or form: the other [to Praed] is the romance and beauty of life, especially Ostend and the gaiety of Brussels. You are welcome to any illusions you may have left on these subjects: I have none. If we three are to remain friends, I must be treated as a woman of business, permanently single [to Frank] and permanently unromantic [to Praed].