Where the Dickens are you? (Looks hurri

Lord Fancourt "Babbs" Babberley

Charley's Aunt

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Babbs is a university friend of Jack and Charley. He often appears in their room and

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Where the Dickens are you? (Looks hurriedly in bedroom L.U.E.) I wanted to borrow some fizz. (Goes to cabinet L.) I wonder where they keep it.

(Turns and sees champagne on C. table.) Hallo! By George-the very thing! (Puts bag on table and opens it. Starts wrapping up first bottle with antimacassar from chair R.C.) Serves him right, he shouldn't leave it about (puts first bottle in bag) in this ostentatious way (puts second bottle in bag, wrapping third bottle with another antimacassar or scarf from chair L.C.) when I'm so beastly hard up. (Puts third bottle in bag.) Won't they be jolly waxy? (Puts fourth bottle in bag and closing bag.) That's a bottle apiece (comes C. with bag) and they must make out with whisky and soda. (Going L.)

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