Arms and the Man

I don't believe in going too far with th

Major Paul Petkoff

Arms and the Man

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Age Range
Act 2, Scene 1
Time & Place
Bulgaria, 1885
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Major Petkoff is very happy to be home from the war and back with his family. He is

Monologue Text

I don't believe in going too far with these modern customs. All this washing can't be good for the health: it's not natural. There was an Englishman at Phillipopolis who used to wet himself all over with cold water every morning when he got up. Disgusting! It all comes from the English: their climate makes them so dirty that they have to be perpetually washing themselves. Look at my father: he never had a bath in his life; and he lived to be ninety-eight, the healthiest man in Bulgaria. I don't mind a good wash once a week to keep up my position; but once a day is carrying the thing to a ridiculous extreme.

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