Peter and the Starcatcher

Perchance you think a treasure trunk san

Black Stache

Peter and the Starcatcher

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Age Range
Act 1, Scene 7
Time & Place
1885, a cramped cabin on the H.M.S. Wasp
Time Period
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Monologue Context

The dreaded pirate Black Stache has kidnapped noble Lord Aster in a long-anticipated

Monologue Text

Perchance you think a treasure trunk sans treasure has put my piratical BVDs in a twist? How wrong you are. Yes, I’d hoped to be hip-deep in diamonds, but they’re a poor substitute for what I really crave: a bona fide hero to help me feel whole. For without a hero, what am I? Half a villain; a pirate in part; ruthless, but toothless. And then I saw you, and I thought, “Maybe? Can it be? Is he the one I’ve waited for? Would he, for example, give up something precious for the sake of the daughter he loves?” But alas, he gives up sand. Now, let’s see: hero with treasure, very good. Hero with no treasure…. doable. No hero and a trunk full o’ sand? Not s’much. NOW, WHERE’S MY TREASURE?!?

Elice, Rick. Peter and the Starcatcher Disney Editions, 2014.

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