There we are. Good old Buttons....

Cinderella and Buttons


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(The Palace study. There is a desk with a locked drawer and a couch or sofa. Cinderella is sitting alone, reading. She occasionally glances at the desk, resisting the temptation to break into the drawer. Eventually she goes over to the desk and uses a hair pin to pick the lock.)

Cinderella: There we are. Good old Buttons. Not many princesses have such an excellent education in how to pick locks. Of course, Rudolf if you spent more time with me and less time drinking with your friends I wouldn't have to do this. What is so secret about a few dusty old books?

(She reads the titles)

"Revolutions and how to suppress them." That can't be why he creeps in here late at night. What about this one "How to win at cards without exactly cheating." Useful, but hardly a great secret. Ah, this must be it. "The Witty Prince by Raymond Nasarovich, advisor on etiquette to the Emperor of Austria. What every prince should say under any circumstances. Seductions and denials a speciality." Rudolf, how could you? You must have bought it as a joke. Now let's see.

(Reading from the list of contents)

"Anecdotes for formal occasions." Much too stuffy.

"How to avoid dancing with ugly women." I'm sure he knows all about that.

"How to start a war when you really want one." Maybe later.

"How to seduce servant girls in humble surroundings." This should be interesting.

(Reading at length from the book)

When seducing women of the lower classes, a prince has a number of natural advantages. Wealth and prestige usually dazzle the ambitious girls, whilst the more conventional ones dream of marriage, a palace and royal children. The greedy girls part with their virtue for a few trinkets, a bracelet of diamonds will usually do the trick. On the other hand, the more home-loving women will present more of a challenge.

(To herself) What a strange book.

"You were meant for better things" is always a solid approach. Hint at your great wealth and suggest that she can be free of her ugly surroundings by simply casting off her inhibitions. Remember, you are a prince. The everyday to you is magical to her.

"Any room that you are in becomes a palace to me," should help to melt her resolve. Follow it up quickly with an enveloping kiss to sweep her off her feet. Knock her slightly off balance so that she has to trust you both physically and emotionally. Stare into her eyes to maintain the giddying effect, and then kiss her again, with a touching mixture of fervor and tenderness.

(Cinderella stops reading.)

Well, he certainly knows how to do that anyway. Oh Rudolf, how could you be such as monster?

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All monologues are property and copyright of their owners. Monologues are presented on StageAgent for educational purposes only.

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