The Amazons

Tweenwayes: Ah, yes, we’re rid of Litter

Galfred, Earl of Tweenwayes

The Amazons

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A fine day in September, Overcote Park, England
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Galfred, Earl of Tweenwayes is not in his element. Tweenwayes is a proud, haughty,

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Tweenwayes: Ah, yes, we’re rid of Litterly. (Pacing up and down angrily) We soon tired him out.

[De Grival: I am glad. Two are company, three is too much. Don’ cher know!]

Tweenwayes: His society had already become intolerable to me. The boundless self-sufficiency of the man! Once, when he trod on my foot, I was within an ace of cursing him. I doubt his breeding too. The idea of his tracking a pretty face from town in this way! The circumstance of his turning out to be the lady’s cousin doesn’t excuse him; I believe he simply met her in a shop and followed her about like a snobby cad. It’s an accursed impropriety. Heavens, is chivalry extinct?

Pinero, Arthur Wing, The Amazons, William Heinemann, 1895, pp. 59.