Guys and Dolls

Sky Masterson! There is the highest play

Nathan Detroit

Guys and Dolls

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Age Range
Act One, Scene One
Time & Place
The streets of Broadway
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Monologue Context

Nathan Detroit needs to come up with $1000 to get a place for his floating crap

Monologue Text

Sky Masterson! There is the highest player of them all! [...] Higher than anybody. Why do you think they call him Sky? That's how high he bets. I once saw him bet five thousand dollars on a cockroach. And another time he was sick, and he wouldn't take penicillin on account he had bet ten C's that his temperature would go to 104. [...] He's so lucky it went to 106. Good old Sky. [...] With him a thousand dollars ain't lending money - it's betting money. So why don't I bet him? Why don't I bet him a thousand on something? [...] I ain't scared. I am perfectly willing to take the risk, providing I can figure out a bet on which there is no chance of losing.

Swerling, Jo, and Burrows, Abe. Guys and Dolls: A Musical Fable of Broadway, Music Theater International, 1951, pp 14-15.

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