After the Revolution

Start: My question is are you not pickin

Ben Joseph

After the Revolution

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Age Range
Act I, Scene 11
Time & Place
New York City, 1999
Time Period
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Monologue Context

After finding out that a book is being published that uses recently declassified

Monologue Text

Start: My question is are you not picking up your phone for anyone or did you get caller ID just to avoid me? Or are you screening? Are you listening to me, right now?

[... ...]

End: So that his kids, and their kids, that’s you, could be free. You want to condemn him from where you’re sitting, kiddo, from your upper west side apartment, fine, but he’s my father and I want nothing to do with it.

For full text, see:
Herzog, Amy, After the Revolution, Acting Edition, Dramatists Play Service Inc., 2011.

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