The 1984 Dalmar Biker War

We’re finally here? Perfect. HIYAH (Agn

Agnes Popowich

The 1984 Dalmar Biker War

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Age Range
Act 3
Time & Place
A small, rural Town Office on a weekday morning, 1980s
Time Period
Show Type

Monologue Context

Mrs. Agnes Popowich is an elderly East European crusty, cranky curmudgeon of the

Monologue Text

We’re finally here? Perfect. HIYAH! (Agnes raises her walker over her head, slamming it on the biker’s helmet stunning him. She gives him an elbow to the stomach and he doubles over. She gets him in a headlock.) I vasn’t going to valk all de vay over here so I got dis nice gentleman to bring me. (She punches him again and he lands on the bench.) Sheriff, vould you like to take care of dis garbage?