Exactly. May I give up for a moment on m

Evan Fury

America's Favorite Newscaster

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Act 1, Scene 2
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America, Present Day
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Evan is one of the nation’s leading television news anchors. He prides himself on

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Exactly. May I give up for a moment on my lifelong struggle to conduct myself calmly or, as I often admonish myself ...

(holds up hands to put phrase in quotation marks with forefingers and middle fingers)

... without becoming “furious”? We currently have, in charge of this great nation but divided nation, a self-interested, semiliterate twit, who spends 3-million in taxpayer dollars to play a weekend of golf at his resort in Palm Beach while he enables cuts in education, even in school-lunch programs for disadvantaged children, denies the children of illegal immigrants residence in the country they grew up in, puts healthcare beyond the reach of millions, gleefully enables degradation of the environment, and celebrates higher taxes on the very people who make up his base. A preening Narcissus who so meticulously patrols the borders of his ever-threatened ego that he feels compelled to unleash needling tweets at anyone who fails to stroke his porcupine-like exterior; in summary, a self-deluding, rumbustious manchild who is conspicuously unfit to be the President of the United States and a grave danger to the nation and the world at large. Sorry, but at times the volcanic influence my last name has had on my own development erupts to the surface.

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