The War Boys

  Joe's Movement Emporium
3309 Bunker Hill Road Mt. Rainier, MD 20712, United States

 Aug 31

 Full Price: $25
Our Price: $12.50

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  • Saturday, Aug 31, 2019 / 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Aug 31, 2019 / 8:00pm


Ally Theatre Company is proud to present the first show of our third season, Naomi Wallace's "The War Boys" as directed by Matt Ripa. In their spare time three vigilantes, childhood friends, enjoy patrolling the U.S./Mexican border. But these youths soon learn that even the most guarded borders are permeable. When the lines between fantasy and reality become dangerously blurred, these young men are forced to decide what it means to be an American, and who has the right to belong.

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