William Shakespeare's "Richard III

  John Hand Theater
7653 E. 1st Place Denver, CO 80230, United States

 Aug 17

 Full Price: $20
Our Price: $10

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  • Saturday, Aug 17, 2019 / 7:30pm (Closing Night)


Lost and Found Productions is proud to present William Shakespeare’s "Richard III" at the John Hand Theater in Denver. The final play in Shakespeare’s "War of the Roses" historic epic series, "Richard III" charts the incredibly unlikely and equally malevolent rise of Richard, Duke of Gloucester to the English throne, and his ultimate and inevitable self-destruction and demise at the hands of Richmond, the first Tudor King of England. Set in a fictional, civil war-torn 1930s England and featuring an all-female/non-binary cast, Lost and Found Productions will reconquer Richard’s story to challenge and explore the full gamut of the human experience in a new way. This production will discover how a ruling family, a country, and a people can fall to the machinations of the worst kind of tyrannical rule.

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