The Book Club Play

  Silver Spring Stage
10145 Colesville Road Silver Spring, MD 20901, United States

 Oct 12

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  • Saturday, Oct 12, 2019 / 8:00pm


An uproarious comedy about books — yes, you read that right! — and a group of friends who love them. Silver Spring Stage delights in presenting "The Book Club Play" by award-winning playwright Karen Zacarías. The leader of the book club has agreed to participate in a documentary by a “famous Danish filmmaker” who wishes to film them — unbeknownst to the friends. The intimate discussions that arise as they connect to different types of books, sharing their own opinions, secrets, and feelings in front of the ever-present camera lens. The result is touching moments and hilarious arguments, especially when an unexpected new member joins the group and these friends start to read between the lines. This play is smart AND fun, and everyone will feel like they are invited to join the club.

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