A Doll House

  Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
Stadium Drive and Route 193 College Park, MD 20742, United States

 Feb 15

 Full Price: $25
Our Price: $12.50

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  • Saturday, Feb 15, 2020 / 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Feb 15, 2020 / 7:30pm


Performed by an all-female cast, this production of Henrik Ibsen’s classic "A Doll House" questions the roles that society assigns to men and women. Set in late nineteenth-century Norway, the play follows Nora, a woman who seeks self-fulfillment and slams the door on the dollhouse that is her marriage. This fresh perspective on the classic play encourages audiences to question what has changed since 19th-century Europe through the interpretations of six women actors playing male and female characters. Note: This production uses an alternative translation of the title, "A Doll House", rather than the more commonly known title, "A Doll's House".


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