Gentlemen Prefer Blondes": In Concert

  Thomas Rice Auditorium
55 Wade Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228, United States

 Mar 1

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  • Sunday, Mar 1, 2020 / 2:00pm


Lorelei Lee is about to embark on the Ile de France for a cruise to Europe, where she will marry the delightfully rich Gus Esmond, son of America's Button King. With her is her friend Dorothy Shaw, both of them ex-Follies girls. However, two clouds appear on the horizon right away. Gus announces that his father insists he stay behind for an important button conference, so he can't travel with the girls. And he has heard worrying news about a new invention called the zipper, which just might ruin his great button empire. The girls set about enjoying their cruise. They have plenty of help, notably from the American Olympic Team who are also en route for Paris. Also on board are Mrs. Spofford, the richest widow in Philadelphia, and her son Henry, who takes to Dorothy in a big way. There is an English couple too - Sir Francis and Lady Beekman; she has a diamond tiara that Lorelei just knows would look its best on her own blonde head. And there is Josephus Gage, a hearty young man who turns out to America's Zipper King. So when Lorelei gets a wireless message from Gus that his father has found out about a little escapade of hers with a revolver in Little Rock and it looks like the wedding is off, it is only logical that she should turn her attention to Josephus and Sir Francis. Eventually Lorelei succeeds in getting her tiara and her Gus - and arranges a merger between the button business and the zipper business that looks like bringing lots of success (and lots more diamonds) in the future.

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