It's a Wonderful Life - A Live Radio Play

  Avon Players Theatre
1185 Washington Rochester, MI 48306, United States

 Dec 11

 Full Price: $21
Our Price: $10.50

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  • Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 / 3:00pm
  • Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 / 8:00pm


"It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play" is based on the classic holiday movie presented with a twist: the story is staged as a live radio broadcast for an added layer of nostalgia. Actors portray numerous characters, and sound effects are created live on stage. This radio troupe performs the story of George Bailey, a generous and well-meaning man who is driven by a series of unfortunate circumstances to question the value of his own life. It will take all the heavenly help lovable novice angel Clarence can muster for George to understand what he means to the world and how much generosity and love surround him.

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