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England, 1890s
Act 2

Scene Context

Lord Illingworth and Mrs. Arbuthnot have not seen each other for many years. He has

Scene Text

Lord Illingworth. So that is our son, Rachel! Well, I am very proud of him. He in a Harford, every inch of him. By the way, why Arbuthnot, Rachel?

Mrs. Arbuthnot. One name is as good as another, when one has no right to any name.

Lord Illingworth. I suppose so—but why Gerald?

Mrs. Arbuthnot. After a man whose heart I broke—after my father.

Lord Illingworth. Well, Rachel, what in over is over. All I have got to say now in that I am very, very much pleased with our boy. The world will know him merely as my private secretary, but to me he will be something very near, and very dear. It is a curious thing, Rachel; my life seemed to be quite complete. It was not so. It lacked something, it lacked a son. I have found my son now, I am glad I have found him.

Mrs. Arbuthnot. You have