HEDDA. [Goes up...

Hedda Gabler

Act 1


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Norway, nineteenth-century
Act 1

Scene Context

Hedda has dismissed on an errand so that she can talk to Mrs. Elvsted on her own.

Scene Text

HEDDA. [Goes up to MRS. ELVSTED, smiles, and says in a low voice.] There! We have killed two birds with one stone.

MRS. ELVSTED. What do you mean?

HEDDA. Could you not see that I wanted him to go?

MRS. ELVSTED. Yes, to write the letter—

HEDDA. And that I might speak to you alone.

MRS. ELVSTED. [Confused.] About the same thing?

HEDDA. Precisely.

MRS. ELVSTED. [Apprehensively.] But there is nothing more, Mrs. Tesman! Absolutely nothing!

HEDDA. Oh yes, but there is. There is a great deal more—I can see that. Sit here—and we'll have a cosy, confidential chat. [She forces MRS. ELVSTED to sit in the easy-chair beside the stove, and seats herself on one of the footstools.

MRS. ELVSTED. [Anxiously, looking at her watch.] But, my dear Mrs. Tesman—I was really on the point of