HEDDA. [Looks do...

Hedda Gabler

Act 2


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Norway, nineteenth-century
Act 2

Scene Context

Judge Brack has come to call on Hedda while her husband is away from home. The pair

Scene Text

HEDDA. [Looks down the garden, and calls:] So you are here again, Judge!

BRACK. [Is heard calling from a distance.] As you see, Mrs. Tesman!

HEDDA. [Raises the pistol and points.] Now I'll shoot you, Judge Brack!

BRACK. [Calling unseen.] No, no, no! Don't stand aiming at me!

HEDDA. This is what comes of sneaking in by the back way.(7) [She fires.

BRACK. [Nearer.] Are you out of your senses—!

HEDDA. Dear me—did I happen to hit you?

BRACK. [Still outside.] I wish you would let these pranks alone!

HEDDA. Come in then, Judge.

JUDGE BRACK, dressed as though for a men's party, enters by the glass door. He carries a light overcoat over his arm.

BRACK. What the deuce—haven't you tired of that sport, yet? What are you shooting at?

HEDDA. Oh, I am only firing in the air.