DAD: Where's Leo?...

At Long Last Leo

Act 1, Scene 1


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America, 1980s, Backyard of a Suburban House
Act 1, Scene 1

Scene Context

Mom, Dad, and Sheila are, in their own ways and for their own reasons, filled with

Scene Text

DAD: Where's Leo?

MOM: (holding a package; stricken) It's not Leo.

DAD: What?

MOM: It's from Leo.

(DAD takes the package to examine.)

SHEILA: He's not coming?

MOM: I don't know.

DAD: It says here it came open in shipment... Postal Reclamation Center...

SHEILA: I'll just bet he's not coming, the little stinker.

MOM: So open it.

DAD: I'm trying. It's taped every which way.

MOM: Here.

(MOM takes the envelope to the table and commences prying it open with the garden clippers.)

SHEILA: I know what it is.

DAD: What?

SHEILA: (mysteriously) Go ahead. You open it.

(From inside the envelope, MOM pulls out a thick manuscript – 638 pages thick. A pause.)

DAD: What is it?

MOM: I don't know yet.

DAD: Is there a note or anything?

MOM: No.

(DAD takes up the manuscript.)

DAD: Is it a book he wrote?