DAD: There you ar...

At Long Last Leo

Act 1, Scene 2


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American, 1980s, Backyard of a Suburban House
Act 1, Scene 2

Scene Context

Dad is happy to have found Leo alone in the backyard, as it will give him an

Scene Text

DAD: There you are.

LEO: You looking for me?

DAD: Just wondered.

(DAD enters the backyard, crosses downstage, gazes up at the sky, invading LEO'S privacy.)

DAD: So, Leo, what can I tell you?

LEO: About what?

DAD: Christ if I know. I don't have any answers.

LEO: Yeah well, there are no answers, Pop – not in the traditional sense of the word.

DAD: There sure as hell aren't. Your mother's a perfect example. So what else can I tell you?

LEO: I don't know.

DAD: I just wish there were some piece of advice I could offer you.

LEO: About what?

DAD: Well, this movement business.

LEO: Oh.

DAD: Because if you step back for a moment and think about it, a lot of people have tried it, Leo. You got Moses, you got Buddha, Karl Marx of course... I don't know if you want to include Thomas Jefferson...