LEO: I'm a little...

At Long Last Leo

Act 1, Scene 2


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America, 1980s, Backyard of a Suburban House
Act 1, Scene 2

Scene Context

Leo is feeling disoriented, having just seen his references to material in his

Scene Text

LEO: I'm a little scared, Gloria. I think I might have really touched off something.

GLORIA: Looks like it.

LEO: Except it's not from what I wrote. That dog-and-pony show I carted out for Mom? That was just generalizations. And that stuff Sheila was quoting? She had it all garbled.

GLORIA: Still, indirectly.

LEO: What do you mean?

GLORIA: Maybe that's the way history works, Leo. Very sloppily. First there's an idea. And people grope for it, and knock it over, piece it together, pass it around... And eventually, maybe, hopefully, they start to get it.

LEO: (considers this, then:) That's even scarier than I thought.

GLORIA: Because it is scary, Leo.

LEO: I mean, if what I'm onto is even partially... These are people's lives.

GLORIA: Leo? I'm not happy either.

(A moment)