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The Present Day, a small efficiency style apartment on the Upper West Side, Manhattan
Act 2

Scene Context

This scene starts out Act 2 of the play. In the previous act, Luz accidentally

Scene Text

A television set plays. A woman sings in the dark: “Se me olvido otra vez” (Forgotten) by Juan Gabriel at ear deafening volume.

DIVINA: PROBABLEMENTE YAAAAAAA!!!! De mí te has olvidado Y mientras tanto yo Te seguiré esperando…

Perhaps… You have forgotten. And yet… I still await.


Luz is making a Dominican "sancocho", a traditional hen soup. She cooks in an aggressive and nervous manner. At the table: DIVINA, Luz's slightly older sister, dressed somewhat bohemian style; a colorful scarf wrapped around her neck.

DIVINA: No me he querido ir Para ver si algún día Que tú quieras volver Me encuentres todavía-

I’ve chosen to stay In hopes that one day You will return and find me. _ Luz interrupts and sings in a whisper. Divina observes._

LUZ: Por eso