CORINALet me ex...

The American Dream

Act 1


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The Present Day, Tucson, Arizona, a safe house
Act 1

Scene Context

Corina paints the picture for Efren about how her life will be now she has arrived in America but Efren shuts her down.

Scene Text

CORINA Let me explain to you to my plan then that way-

EFREN This won’t take long.

CORINA …that way, you’ll see my worth. My plan is to get to New York City and on that same day, I’ll find me a job and-

EFREN You’ll be slaughtered.

CORINA I read all about the hustle and bustle of the city. I can survive it. I’ve survived everything else.

EFREN You should have stayed in Guatemala.

CORINA You’re here.

EFREN I didn’t come to America for a better life.

CORINA Why else come?

EFREN Sometimes people end up in places.

CORINA I think I’m destined to be here. I’ve been ready and Adrian has been here for a year preparing for my arrival. So-

EFREN A year? Long time.

CORINA We’re still very connected.

EFREN Nothing is strong enough to hold two people together. No matter what your