Pol. (singing as...


Act 3


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England, nineteenth-century
Act 3

Scene Context

Polly and Sam have been courting for a long time but Polly always keeps Sam on his

Scene Text

Pol. (singing as curtain rises). "And she watched his department with anguish,

While the tears down in torrents did roll."

(Places skirt in box and leans her chin upon her hand).

There, there's the dress for poor Esther in case she gets the engagement, which I don't suppose she will; it's too good luck, and good luck never comes to her, poor thing. (Rises and goes up to cradle, up c, ) Baby's asleep still. How good he looks, as good as if he were dead, like his poor father, and alive too at the same time, like his dear self. Oh, dear me, it's a strange world. (Sits again as before, feeling for pocket for money.) Four and elevenpence; that must do for to-day and tomorrow. Esther's going to bring in the rusks for Georgie. (Takes up slate.) Three, five, eight and four,