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Act 1


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A flight to Tulsa, present day
Act 1

Scene Context

Jimmy and Margaret have just come across each other, randomly, on a flight to Tulsa.

Scene Text

MARGARET I was with Southwest…

JIMMY Right.

MARGARET But I took some time off, because I thought I might want to do what I studied in school. Kinesiology. You know, sports science.


MARGARET Yeah, well, I didn’t like it. You know, I enjoy not working more than actually working. In medical school, they put us in front of these cadavers to cut up and I was like get me out of here. I dropped out and got the job with American.

JIMMY But, you went back. That’s cool.

MARGARET It wasn’t my dream. My dream was to be working for a professional men’s soccer team. Just me and 20 to 30 guys. I was a little boy crazy.

JIMMY Just a little?

MARGARET Who are you drumming for?

JIMMY Guess.

MARGARET You know I’m no good at this.

[JIMMY whistles a bar of a popular tune by a