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Small town administrator's office on a weekday, 1980s
Act 1

Scene Context

This scene achieves three important tasks. First, it provides insight into how the

Scene Text

Edna: Hang on. I have to announce you.

Harry: Are you kiddin’ me? You have to announce me? We don’t even have the equipment to do that. I oughta know cuz ol’ Stuffy Hat would have made me install it.

Edna: The equipment is on order through a communication grant we applied for. Mr. Bottomly says we have to practice for when it comes in. (Pretends to press a button) MR. BOTTOMLY! MR. SANDERSON IS HERE TO SEE YOU! (Lights up in Cedric’s office.)

Cedric: (pressing an invisible button with a flourish) SEND HIM IN! (Harry shakes his head and goes in the office. Lights go to half in reception area. Edna mimes typing, phoning, etc.)

Harry: Good Mornin’ Mr. Bottomly.

Cedric: One moment Mr. Jones... (Pretends to press the button again) “MRS. FARNSWORTH! PLEASE HOLD MY CALLS DURING THIS