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Small town administrator's office on a weekday, 1980s
Act 3

Scene Context

This scene shows how Sheriff Shirley understands small town politics better than her

Scene Text

Cedric: If we can be serious for a moment, Sheriff, I do have something important to discuss.

Shirley: I’m on it like a cheap suit on a lawyer, Chief.

Cedric: I beg your pardon? What did you say you were on?

Shirley: I said I am all over it. Whatever it is you want.

Cedric: Oh, I see. I see. One of those quaint expressions you people seem to favour. I like that one. Let me jot that one down. (makes a note in the small notepad ).

Shirley: Help yourself, Chief. I got a million of them. So what did you want me to do?

Cedric: Well you see, I’ve been going over the encounter versus citation figures that have been submitted and it seems that you do issue a great deal of warnings and very few tickets. You realize, of course, that we don’t make any money off of warnings, whereas the ticket