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Small town administrator's office on a weekday, 1980s
Act 3

Scene Context

This is the climax of the plot. As the town staff listen helplessly over the two-way

Scene Text

Cedric: Relief aside, Harry, I have to warn you that we have a report that the last two bikers at large are trying to.. (Loud Bang and then fireworks fx.)

Harry: What in blazes was that? (Sound of motorcycles taking off and running throughout radio scene.)

Cedric: It’s the bikers trying to escape! There’s too many of them. You can’t fight them alone. Get the heck out of there, Harry!

Harry: But I’m not alone!

Shirley: Howdy, Chief! We’re firing up the cabbage cannon and taking down as many as we can. Maybe we can scare them off and they will turn right to the highway instead of left into town.

Cedric: I know you’ll do your best, men. I mean… guys… er… man and woman.

Sheriff: Don’t sweat it, Chief, I’ve been called worse, but not by much.

Harry: Here comes the bikers. Keep firing