RAY, a high schoo...


Act 1, Scene 2


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High School courtyard, present day
Act 1, Scene 2

Scene Context

Ray wants to save Nebula. Nebula wants to save herself. Ray wants to give Alex a

Scene Text

RAY, a high school student wearing a backpack, waits for NEBULA to arrive. NEBULA enters with ALEX. RAY hands NEBULA a notebook with some loose homework in it. NEBULA takes out her homework and copies RAY’S during:

NEBULA Alex, go to your homeroom, I'm going to talk to Ray.

ALEX waits by the entrance of the school.

NEBULA Alex! Homeroom, GO… Whatever.

RAY You f#$ked off kind of early last night.

NEBULA Yeah that creep just put me out.

RAY Who, Perry? That dude's hilarious. He's old, but he can be chill. He was just on a bad mix last night, told me to tell you he was sorry.

NEBULA F#%k that guy, that psychopath ripped my damned shirt. Like, he's too f#%king old to be hanging out us anyway.

RAY Yeah, so why'd you give him your number?

NEBULA Because he's hot. You don't think