Start: Angel: Wha...

Jesus Hopped the A Train

Act One, Scene Two


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Rikers Island Prison, New York
Act One, Scene Two

Scene Context

This is the first scene between Mary Jane and Angel. Mary Jane is the state legal

Scene Text

Start: Angel: What I want is a f@#%in’ lawyer! Is that possible, in this nightmare-- I mean, what the f@#% is this?! --Even on TV they get a lawyer--
Mary Jane: I am a lawyer, I’m your lawyer--
Angel: I wanna real lawyer!

End: Mary Jane: Lemme give you a little tip: the trick, Angel, is not to have a lawyer who makes no mistakes, but to get one who A) makes the least mistakes, or B) is either green enough or masochistic enough to actually give a shit about their clients.
Angel: So which one are you?
Mary Jane: I’m neither.

Adley Gurgis, Stephen. Jesus Hopped the A Train, Dramatists Play Service, 2000. Pp. 10-12.