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Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, summer 1989
Act One

Scene Context

Daniel Kaffee, Sam Weinberg, and Joanne Galloway are all lawyers for the US Navy.

Scene Text

START: Jessep: Danny, this was no Code Red. Kaffee: Well, that’s really a matter of-- Jessep: No, Danny, I’m sorry, I really am. Lt. Kendrick told the men specifically not to give Santiago a Code Red.

END: Jessep: Danny, believe this. I’d kill you. I’d kill everyone in this room. I’d kill anyone to protect what I am paid to protect. Go home, back behind the lines. Go home where your white uniform won’t get you killed. Give in to what I’m saying. You believe every word, Lt. Kendrick? Kendrick: Ten minutes. Jessep: Meeting’s over, Navy. Anchors Aweigh.

Citation: Sorkin, Aaron._ A Few Good Men_. Samuel French, 1989, pp. 47-52.