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Bring Up The Bodies

Act Two


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England, 1530’s
Act Two

Scene Context

Thomas Cromwell is paying a visit to Henry’s neglected wife, the always dignified

Scene Text

Start: Katherine: Well, Cromwell-- how am I looking? I’ve not seen myself in the mirror these many months. The King once thought me beautiful--like an is his concubine? I hear she’s always on her knees...Praying to her reformed God?

End: Katherine: The Princess Mary. I have often wondered, Cromwell...You know so many languages-- fluent in so many tongues-- and you lie as fleetly in all of them. In what language do you confess? Cromwell: God knows our hearts, madam. I may need forgiveness-- I do not need absolution.

Poulton, Mike. Bring Up the Bodies, Samuel French. Pp. 349-353.