Mabel Chiltern....

An Ideal Husband

Act 1


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England, 1890s
Act 1

Scene Context

Mabel and Lord Goring are at a dinner party hosted by Sir Robert Chiltern, Mabel's

Scene Text

Mabel Chiltern. You are very late!

Lord Goring. Have you missed me?

Mabel Chiltern. Awfully!

Lord Goring. Then I am sorry I did not stay away longer. I like being missed.

Mabel Chiltern. How very selfish of you!

Lord Goring. I am very selfish.

Mabel Chiltern. You are always telling me of your bad qualities, Lord Goring.

Lord Goring. I have only told you half of them as yet, Miss Mabel!

Mabel Chiltern. Are the others very bad?

Lord Goring. Quite dreadful! When I think of them at night I go to sleep at once.

Mabel Chiltern. Well, I delight in your bad qualities. I wouldn’t have you part with one of them.

Lord Goring. How very nice of you! But then you are always nice. By the way, I want to ask you a

question, Miss Mabel. Who brought Mrs. Cheveley here? That woman in