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Blithe Spirit

Act 2 Scene 2


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England, 1940s
Act 2 Scene 2

Scene Context

Ruth has summoned Madame Arcati back to the house after the successful seance the

Scene Text

Start: Madame Arcati: My dear Mrs. Condomine, I came directly I got your message.
Ruth: That was very kind of you.
Madame Arcati: Kind? Nonsense! Nothing kind about it--I look up on it as an outing.

End: Madame Arcati: Your attitude from the outset has been most unpleasant, Mrs. Condomine. Some of your remarks have been discourteous in the extreme and I should like to say without umbrage that if you and your husband were foolish enough to tamper with the unseen for paltry motives and in a spirit of ribaldry, whatever has happened to you is your own fault, and, to coin a phrase, as far as I'm concerned you can stew in your own juice!

Noel Coward Three Plays: Blithe Spirit, Hay Fever, Private Lives New York: Vintage International, 1999. pp.60-66.