Little Women


Writers: Allan Knee Jason Howland Mindi Dickstein Louisa May Alcott


Emma Westgate

England, England

  • Beth March at Tiffany Theatre College (2021)

Emma Houlahan

Toronto, Ontario

  • Amy at Perth Studio Theatre

Tessa Amster

San Antonio, TX

Elise Cahill


  • Amy March at Smithville Highschool (2021)

Lily Godau

Royal Oak, Michigan

  • Young Amy March at To be productions


Rochester, Michigan

  • Amy at Holt High School (2017)

Sophie Haug

Duluth, Minnesota

  • Beth March at Duluth Marshall High School (2020)

Ella Adams

Durham, North Carolina

  • Jo March at N/A (2020)

Lauren Veldhuizen

Denver, CO

  • Understudy - Beth at Valor Christian Highschool

Noah Payeur

Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Laurie at Clark University Musical Theatre (2020)

Claire Raimist

Charlotte, NC

Elsa Keefe

Lowell, MA

Mark Knowles

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jessica Marquis

Robertsdale, AL

  • Marmie at The Ace

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