Zach and his assistant Larry are holding dance auditions for an upcoming Broadway show. At the audition is a large, diverse group of dancers, all of whom wear leotards of various styles and numbers on their chests. The dancers are all desperate to get a job (“I Hope I Get It”). Zach and Larry teach them a jazz combination and a ballet combination. The first cut occurs, and 17 dancers remain. Zach tells the auditioners that he wants to get to know a bit more about them. The dancers are reluctant, but begin to share their life experiences.

Mike, a young male dancer, is first to to share. He reveals that he’s the youngest of 12 children, and fell in love with dance after watching his sister. One day, when she refuses to go to dance class, Mike takes her place. He says he’s been dancing ever since (“I Can Do That”). Bobby reveals that he uses humor to hide his difficult childhood. All of the dancers consider their previous audition experiences and how much information they want to reveal

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