Be More Chill


Writers: Joe Tracz Joe Iconis


Micah Koverman

Dayton, Ohio

  • Michael Mell at Sinclair College (2018)

Connor Forbes

Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Rich Goranski at Cue Zero Theatre Company (2023)

Isabella Fernandes

San Diego, California

  • Christine Canigula at Distanced Theatre Project (2022)

Josh Allen

South Laurel, MD

  • Michael Mell at Actors Anonymous Towson University (2022)

Karl Unvericht

Rochester, NY

  • The Squip at MTed (2020)

Jesse Kennedy

Highland Park, QLD

  • Ensemble at National Academy of Performing Arts [NAPA] (2020)

Luna G. Cherry

Detroit, Michigan

  • Light Board Operator at Stone Productions (2023)

Fenix Pinilla

Erie, CO

Jordan Sisco

San Diego, CA

  • The SQUIP at Distanced Theatre Project (2022)

Owen Edwards

Brighton, England

  • Rich/SQUIP/Michael at CH High School (2021)

Tyler Fargason

Houston, TX

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