In the rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Judas worries that Jesus' popularity has overshadowed, and put at risk, their mission. He expresses his concern that the Romans will retaliate, endangering them all, and accuses Jesus’ followers of being blinded by their enthusiasm ("Heaven on Their Minds"). The group ignores Judas’ concerns, and urges Jesus on to Jerusalem. Jesus resists, hinting that the future is already set. Mary tends to Jesus as he copes with his followers not understanding the big picture of his work (“What’s the Buzz”). Mary’s attention prompts Judas to confront Jesus on taking in a prostitute with his band of disciples. Jesus chastises Judas, claiming Mary as one of his own, scolding his followers that in the midst of their journey, only she has shown care for him ("Strange Thing Mystifying"). While the group rejects Jesus’ accusation, Mary calms Jesus and encourages him to think less on the worries of the group and the world. When she anoints

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