Kiss Me, Kate


Writers: Cole Porter


Sarah Yeisley

Simsbury, Connecticut

Wyatt Kimsey

Tallahassee, Florida

  • Gangster 1 at Lawton Chiles High School Theatre (2022)

Abby Brodnick

Greencastle, Indiana

Dereck Atwater

Baltimore, MD


Bridgewater, Massachusetts

  • Gangster 1 at Norton Singers

Andrew Mours

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Man #2 at Washington Community Theater (2023)

Mason Newberry


Judy Pochard

Anderson, Indiana

Skye Landess

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • dance ensemble at Las Vegas Academy of The Arts (2018)

Andrea St. Clair

Sacramento, California

Theresa Dame

Vista, California

  • Lois Lane/Bianca at College of New Jersey

Carli Wallace

Stamford, CT

  • Lilli Vanessi/Kate at The Ursuline School (2023)

Daemin Ward

Glendale, Arizona

Adam Garcia

Croydon, England

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