Writers: Anthony Drewe George Stiles


Cindi Verbelun

South Euclid, Ohio

jackie skiadas

Binghamton, NY

  • Ida at Rod Serling School of Fine Arts (2023)

Sinead Noel

Beverly, Massachusetts

Chloe Caustrita

Los Angeles, CA

  • Maureen & Queenie at Alliance for the Performing Arts (2018)

Catie Dykstra

Hamilton, MI

George Andrews

San Jose, California

Jake Fung


  • Barnacles (Ensemble) at STAGES (2019)

Carmella Lucci

Morgantown, West Virginia

  • Featured Duckling; Froglet; Chorus at Morgantown Theatre Company (2016)

Owen Edwards

Dublin, Ireland

  • Ugly at Christ's Hospital School (2023)

Kathryn Rossi

Conway, SC

Violet Sheaffer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Maureen at Music Training Center Ardmore (2016)

Jack Winchester

Leicester, England

  • Drake at Soar Valley Music Centre (2018)

Emily Wood

North Balgowlah, NSW

  • Featured singer/Ensemble at Mackellar Girls Campus (2017)

Cameron Drake

Sydney, New South Wales

  • Turkey at SYMT (2019)

Clara Hager

Spencerport, New York

  • Ensemble at Cosgrove Drama Club

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