The Wizard of Oz - Young Performers Edition


Writers: John Kane Harold Arlen E.Y. "Yip" Harburg Herbert Stothart


Olivia Das

Mayne Island, BC

  • Wicked Witch at Mountain Dream Productions (2019)



  • Lullaby League at Minneola Charter School (2019)

Maddie Schuck

Dallas, Texas

Carlos Garrido

Miami, Florida

  • Oz at Miami Christian School (2010)

Ardyn Gaber

Levittown, Pennsylvania

  • Aunt Em and Student Choreographer at Holy Family Regional Catholic School (2020)

Kyla Guasco

Concord, California

  • Ensemble at King's Valley Christian School (2016)

Megan Furness

Allen, Texas

Michael J. Marziliano

Patchogue, New York

  • Professor Marvel / The Wizard of Oz at The Gateway Playhouse (2021)

Bianca Pinkney

Sunshine Coast, QLD

  • Ensemble at Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre (2020)

Mia Pirichy

Burton, OH

Claire Price

Castle Rock, Colorado

  • Ozzian, Lullaby League, Jitter Bug at Audience of One Youth Theatre (2015)

Renae Richmond

Wichita, Kansas

Robert Moore

Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • Technical Assistance at Arts Barn

Emilia Grimes

Alnwick, England

  • Glinda at Alnwick Playhouse Youth Theatre (2016)


Bournemouth, England

  • The wizard at The bishop of Winchester Academy (2018)

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