Caroline, or Change


Writers: Tony Kushner Jeanine Tesori


Act One

  • 16 Feet Beneath The Sea — Caroline, The Washing Machine
  • The Radio — The Radio
  • Laundry Quintet— The Washing Machine, Caroline, The Radio
  • Noah Down The Stairs — Noah
  • The Cigarette — Noah and Caroline
  • Laundry Finish— The Washing Machine, Caroline, The Radio
  • The Dryer— The Dryer and The Radio
  • I Got Four Kids— Caroline and The Dryer
  • Caroline, There's Extra Food— Rose, Caroline and The Gellmans
  • There Is No God, Noah— Stuart
  • Rose Stopnick Can Cook— The Gellmans
  • Long Distance— Rose
  • Dotty and Caroline— Dotty and Caroline
  • Moon Change— The Moon
  • Moon Trio— Dotty, Caroline, and The Moon
  • The Bus— The Bus
  • That Can't Be— The Bus, Rose, Dotty and Caroline
  • Noah and Rose— Rose and Noah
  • Inside / Outside — The Moon, Noah and Rose
  • JFK — Rose, Dotty, and Grandma & Grandma Gellman
  • No One Waitin' — Emmie, Caroline, and The Radio
  • 'Night Mamma — Emmie
  • Gonna Pass Me A Law — Noah and Caroline
  • Noah, Go To Sleep — Caroline
  • Noah Has A Problem — Rose and Caroline
  • Stuart and Noah — Stuart, Noah and Rose
  • Quarter In The Bleach Cup — Caroline and Noah
  • Caroline Takes My Money Home — Noah, Caroline, Emmie, Jackie and Joe
  • Roosevelt Petrucius Coleslaw — Emmie, Noah, Jackie, Joe, Caroline and The Moon

Act Two

  • Santa Comin' Caroline — The Radio
  • Little Reward — The Radio, The Washing Machine, and Caroline
  • 1943 — Caroline, The Washing Machine, and The Radio
  • Mr. Gellman's Shirt — Rose and Caroline
  • Ooh Child — The Washing Machine and The Radio
  • Rose Recovers — Rose, The Dryer and Caroline
  • I Saw Three Ships — Emmie, Jackie, Joe and Caroline
  • The Chanukah Party — The Gellmans, Caroline, and Emmie
  • Dotty and Emmie — Dotty and Emmie
  • I Don't Want My Child To Hear That — Caroline, Mr. Stopnick
  • Mr. Stopnick and Emmie — Mr. Stopnick and Emmie
  • Kitchen Fight — Caroline, Emmie, and Dotty
  • A Twenty Dollar Bill and Why — Mr. Stopnick
  • I Hate The Bus — Emmie
  • Moon, Emmie and Stuart Trio — The Moon, Emmie, Stuart
  • The Twenty Dollar Bill — Noah, The Gellmans
  • Caroline and Noah FIght — Caroline, The Dryer and Noah
  • Aftermath — Rose, Stuart, Mr. Stopnick and Noah
  • Sunday Morning — Caroline and Dotty
  • Lot's Wife — Caroline
  • Salty Teardops — The Radio
  • Why Does Our House Have A Basement? — Noah, Rose, and Caroline
  • Underwater — Caroline
  • Epilogue — Emmie

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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