Geoffrey has left the little village of Devonshire and set off to sea to seek his fortune. Around the same time his lover, Marjorie, also left the village for London. When the show begins, Geoffrey returns to his village after a five year absence. Since it is the homecoming season in Devonshire, Marjorie has also come back from London where, unbeknown to all at home, she has become a singing star under an assumed name. She is longing to see Geoffrey again. Although she is now a fine lady, she wants him to find her as he left her and dons her country girl clothes. Trouble ensues when the Princess Mehelaneh decides that she wants Geoffrey as her husband. Marjorie mistakenly thinks that Geoffrey is also interested in the Princess. However, in the end, it is clear that Geoffrey still only has love for his country girl, Majorie.

Show Information

Number of Acts
2 Acts
Time & Place
Cast Size
Casting Notes
Mostly female cast

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