The Woman in White


Writers: Charlotte Jones Andrew Lloyd Webber David Zippel



  • "Prologue" - Hartright, Signalman, Anne and Servant
  • "I Hope You Like It Here" - Marian, Mr. Fairlie, Hartright and Laura
  • "Perspective" - Marian, Laura and Hartright
  • "Trying Not to Notice" - Hartright, Marian and Laura
  • "I Believe My Heart" - Hartright and Laura
  • "Lammastide" - Villagers, Men, Women and Girl.
  • "You See I Am No Ghost" - Anne and Hartright
  • "Marian tells of the engagement" - Marian and Hartright
  • "Sir Percival Glyde arrives." - Servant, Glyde, Mr. Fairlie, Marian and Laura
  • "Foscos arrival" - Fosco and Marian
  • "A Gift For Living Well" - Fosco, Glyde, Laura, Marian, Mr. Fairlie and Hartright
  • "I believe my Heart (Reprise)" - Laura and Hartright
  • "The Holly and the Ivy" - Congregation and Girl
  • "Anne Catherick decides to help Laura." - Anne
  • Marian hears the truth from Laura." - Marian and Laura
  • "All For Laura" - Marian and Anne
  • "The Document" - Glyde, Laura, Marian and Fosco
  • "Act I Finale" - Marian, Laura, Anne, Glyde, Men and Fosco


  • "If I Could Only Dream This World Away" - Laura and Marian
  • "Marian on the ledge" - Glyde and Fosco
  • " Marian's Bedroom." - Fosco and Marian
  • "The Nightmare" - Fosco, Laura, Anne, Glyde, Hartright, Chorus and Marian
  • "Fosco Tells of Laura's Death/The Funeral/London" - Fosco, Marian, Priest, Glyde and Mr. Fairlie.
  • "Evermore Without You" - Hartright.
  • "Lost Souls" - Chorus, Maria and Connartist
  • "Marian sees the sketch." - Marian and Pawnbroker
  • "Marian finds Hartright." - Marian and Hartright.
  • "If Not For Me For Her" - Marian and Hartright (Cut from show in July 2005)
  • "Percival gambles the fruits of his success." - Chorus, Glyde and Fosco
  • "You Can Get Away With Anything" - Fosco
  • "The Seduction" - Fosco and Marian.
  • "A Gift for living well (Reprise)." - Fosco
  • ."I can get away with anything." - Fosco
  • "The Perfect team." - Marian and Hartright.
  • "The Asylum" - Marian, Hartright and Laura.
  • "Back To Limmeridge" - Glyde, Mr. Fairlie, Hartright, Marian and Laura
  • "Finale" - Glyde, Signalman, Laura, Hartright, Marian and Villagers

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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