DuBarry Was a Lady

DuBarry Was a Lady




Louis Blore, attendant in the men's washroom of the Club Petite in New York, wins $75,000 in the Irish sweeps. Having long had a crush on the star of the floor show, May Daly, Louis seeks to win her away from her fiancé. He tries to put Alex away with knock-out drops, but mixes up the glasses and drinks the potion himself. During his delirium Louis dreams that he is Louis XIV and that May Daly is Du Barry, his mistress. His unsuccessful pursuit of May continues through the gardens and boudoirs of 18th century Versailles. When he awakens, Louis realizes that his pursuit of May is futile and settles for her friendship.

Show Information

Number of Acts
2 Acts
Time & Place
Cast Size
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes young adult, adult characters

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